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In order to start collection proceedings, please register to e-collection portal information about the Debtor and about yourself as a Creditor. Please also add claim base documents evidencing the claim.

By registering the claim and approving the terms and conditions in the e-collection portal, the Client gives their consent to the initiation of debt collection proceedings by Julianus in favor of the Client on the basis of the submitted data. The Client confirms that the referred claim is lawful, justified and valid, and that all data submitted about the debt and the documents on which it is based are true and complete.

Service fee

In pre legal collection process Julianus Inkasso service fee is calculated only on a success basis. This means that Julianus only charges a service fee from actually collected amounts as follow:
1. Service fee from collected capital debt amounts: 15%
2. Service fee from collected late penalty interest amounts: 50%

Julianus Inkasso leaves right to apply different service fee rates related debtors financial situation, claim base documents quality and disputes between parties, claim age, etc. The court process start will be agreed between Client and Julianus Inkasso with a separate price agreement.  

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