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Collection proceedings

When to consider collection services?

  • Payment of sales invoices is delayed
  • Sending reminders has not helped to recover the money
  • Unreasonably large accounts receivable of a company

Collection proceedings last until the debt is paid – they normally take around five months. During this time, the following takes place:

  • repeated contact with debtors over the phone, also by letter and by e-mail;
  • gathering and updating information on debtors' place of residence and contact details;
  • conclusion of payment agreements with debtors and payments monitoring;
  • record-keeping of debt-related interest calculation.

If the debtor's financial situation does not allow the entire debt to be paid at once, we will look for a solution through a payment agreement.

We will take your receivables for handling on the principle "No result, no fee", which means that the debt handling fee will be deducted from the receivable only if our collection is successful and the receivable is paid for.

Julianus follows the fair pricing principle in setting the price for its service. In calculating recovery costs, we follow Estonian legislation.


To submit a debt claim, please use e-collection.

Representation in legal and enforcement proceedings

When to initiate legal proceedings against a debtor?

  • Debt remains outstanding during the collection process
  • The debtor uses delaying tactics and avoids the fulfilment of their obligations
  • There is still a few months until the term of the debt, but there seems to be no solution to it

To conduct successful court proceedings, we have established a subsidiary – the Julianus Law Office which offers legal advice.

  • When drawing up contracts
  • Representation in court and pre-trial litigation
  • Debt enforcement in court

In most cases we represent a client in a county or circuit court. In exceptional cases and only if needed we’ll also represent them in the Supreme Court.

If you wish to start legal proceedings in regard to a claim, please provide us with your claim via e-collection.

Debt purchase

Why consider selling debts?

  • The fastest way to recover cash
  • One of the most profitable way of recovering cash
  • Collection proceedings are time-consuming and the results are unpredictable

If it’s important you to release the cash tied to receivables quickly, convert the receivables into cash then.

In the case of the sale of receivables, all of the rights and obligations of the creditor are assigned to Julianus. This means that following the assignment of the receivable, there is no longer a link between you or your company and the debtor and the receivable sold.

Julianus is an experienced and valued purchaser of debts. We have purchased over half a million individual debts.

As a transaction partner, we consider the interests of both the creditor and the debtor. We also follow the principles of good business so as not to harm relations between customers and consumers.

If you wish to sell your debt claims, please calling +372 681 4402 or e-mailing

Credit register

Credit register is a portal created in 2014 which contains information about the financial discipline of companies and private individuals. The register currently contains the contact details and information of over 150,000 unique debtors.

Although the register has only been operating for a short time, clients submit over 120,000 queries per month via the register either as simple queries or to obtain complicated financial ratings.

The environment is unique, because in addition to other information, it also contains information about the claims of several major service providers, including Eesti Energia, Starman, Eesti Gaas, Utilitas Tallinn, STV and Telia. allows its users to:

  • Check that the data of contractual partners are correct
  • Evaluate the financial capacity of contractual partners to perform their contractual obligations
  • View the previous payment discipline of contractual partners
  • Use the register’s financial score. The score is based on the person’s past financial conduct, the queries made about the person, initiated litigation and their financial status.

We encourage all corporate and private clients to disclose the information of their debtors in the credit register. This can be done free of charge and disclosing such information disciplines people and motivates them to perform their obligations appropriately.



Debt collection abroad

Julianus has been a member of the European Collectors Association ( since 2015, which allows us to offer quality collection services in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, plus 19 other European countries: Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Poland, Spain, France, Italy, England, Ireland, Belgium, Austria, Cyprus, Germany, Greece, Iceland, the Netherlands, Portugal, Switzerland and Turkey.

The guidelines for our clients in the case of claims that have become collectible abroad are the same as in ordinary proceedings.

The first step is to contact Julianus, who will assess the possibilities of accepting the claim for processing and negotiate with its partner in the relevant target country.

The price of the service will also be agreed between the owner of the claim and Julianus. The client’s contact during the entire collection process is Julianus, who provides the client with information about the claim proceedings and makes sure that the payment is received in the account of the owner of the claim.

Julianus offers the service of debt collection abroad in relation to single and bulk claims. If necessary, we also initiate litigation regarding the claims in target countries.

For more detailed information, please contact mailing

Procedural reports

Julianus allows its clients to monitor the completion of collection assignments, enter new collection assignments, submit information about collection assignments and read the reports prepared on the basis of the details of collection assignments in a self-service environment.

Regular reports on the progress of the debt proceedings that also contain information about the receipt of debts are constantly accessible to clients online.

We understand the importance of regular reports, as it helps assess the progress of the proceedings, understand the conduct of debtors and correct the relevant procedural acts.

We have a QlikView-based quarterly report for corporate customers dealing with bulk claims. The report gives a detailed overview of receipts in the period, progress of the proceedings, agreements made with the debtor, statuses of claims and more, and offers different graphic views of the data.

Why choose Julianus?


  1. Improving payment discipline.
  2. Solving the problems caused by debts efficiently and professionally.
  3. Allowing our clients to focus on their main activities.