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Credit register is a portal created in 2014 which contains information about the financial discipline of companies and private individuals. The register currently contains the contact details and information of over 150,000 unique debtors.

Although the register has only been operating for a short time, clients submit over 120,000 queries per month via the register either as simple queries or to obtain complicated financial ratings.

The environment is unique, because in addition to other information, it also contains information about the claims of several major service providers, including Eesti Energia, Starman, Eesti Gaas, Utilitas Tallinn, STV and Telia. allows its users to:

  • Check that the data of contractual partners are correct
  • Evaluate the financial capacity of contractual partners to perform their contractual obligations
  • View the previous payment discipline of contractual partners
  • Use the register’s financial score. The score is based on the person’s past financial conduct, the queries made about the person, initiated litigation and their financial status.

We encourage all corporate and private clients to disclose the information of their debtors in the credit register. This can be done free of charge and disclosing such information disciplines people and motivates them to perform their obligations appropriately.


Why choose Julianus?


  1. Improving payment discipline.
  2. Solving the problems caused by debts efficiently and professionally.
  3. Allowing our clients to focus on their main activities.