About the Company

Julianus is a leading debt collection service provider in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. We are also represented in all Nordic countries and 16 countries in Europe via our partners. Our services are used by private persons as well as different companies and public sector organisations who all want to be successful and efficient in their principal activities. Julianus has been operating in the area of debt and credit management for 22 years, which makes us the most experienced debt management company in Estonia.

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Debt Collection services

We only initiate proceedings on the claims of our clients under the "No Win, No Fee" arrangement, which means that we only account for the debt collection proceedings fee on the claim if our proceedings are successful.

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Representation in legal and enforcement proceedings

We are the law firm with the most court practise in Estonia. We represent clients in extra-judicial and legal disputes, and in the enforcement proceedings of debts.

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Debt purchase services

Julianus is an experienced and valued purchaser of debts. We have purchased over half a million individual debts.

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Partners and clients – About us

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Actual results in proceedings for old debts.
Julianus covers the segment of the debt collection market that others do not wish to deal with – proceedings for old and very old claims. In our experience, Julianus has made proceedings for old debts very efficient indeed.

Valdis Kald

Credit Invest OÜ

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Open communication and good exchange of information.
Cooperating with Julianus is efficient. They are the only debt collection partner to offer comprehensive services in their field from Credit Register services to full-on court proceedings. We appreciate the open communication and good exchange of information provided by Julianus.

Andrus Post

Koduliising OÜ

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I value cooperation with Julianus due to the open communication, the orientation towards results, the innovative approach and the polite treatment of our clients. That is why this cooperation has become a long-term arrangement.

Merle Laurimäe

Collections Manager

IPF Digital AS

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Values long-term partnership.
Julianus has been a good long-term partner for Telia in debt collection and legal proceedings.

Jaana Soha

Head of Operators Billing and Mediation

Telia Eesti As

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Transnational and higly motivated.
We at PPG see Julianus Inkasso as an efficient and reliable partner. They can also see the future of debt collection and credit information businesses - forerunners in the industry.

Matias Mäenpää

Managing Director

Visma PPG Oy

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Successful at auctions of claims.
During our long-term cooperation, Julianus has offered Elisa impressive debt collection services and been successful at auctions of claims. We value Julianus as a reliable and dependable partner.

Meelis Jurn

Administration manager

Elisa Eesti AS

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Diversity of services.
Julianus has 20 years of experience in the Estonian loans market combined with a wide range of services provided, from registration to debt claim enforcement proceedings, thus creating such value that is not found elsewhere across the country.

Marko Varik

Financial Manager




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