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To begin the debt collection process, you will have to send us information about the debtor and yourself as the creditor, as well as attach copies of documents that prove the debt.


Organisation of the debt collection procedure:


  • You submit an application through the interactive Julianus online form, filling in the required fields (this is necessary for analysing the claim and preparing proposals).
  • The Julianus specialists analyse the case, inform you about the debt collection prospects and decide on a specific debt collection strategy.
  • You sign a cooperation agreement.
  • The debt collection process begins.


Julianus carries out its activities according to the current legislation of the Republic of Latvia and European and international laws that concern debt collection.


The debt collection process includes:

  • sending warning letters;
  • calling the debtor;
  • agreeing on payment schedules, taking into account the interests of the creditor and the debtor's possibilities;
  • payment control;
  • registering debtor data in the Julianus debt register;
  • regular reports on the progress of collection.


If the debt cannot be collected by the regular methods, Julianus offers professional legal services for judicial recovery proceedings.


Julianus works on the following principle: no debt collected, no payment. The fee for the service is calculated from the actual sum of the collected debt. The specific amount of remuneration (as a percentage) depends on the age and amount of the debt, and the number of cases submitted.

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